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Residential Window Cleaning

According to the June 2003 issue of Money Magazine, washing windows is the #1 presale Improvement that generates the best return on investment. Homes can sell for more when they have had their windows cleaned first. Even if you aren’t selling your home, having your windows cleaned regularly (twice per year) by Appearances Window Cleaning can reduce the effect of oxidation and damage done by the weather to your windows.

Commercial Window Cleaning

It's been said that first impression are always the most important. This is especially true of your restaurant or business. From the consumers standpoint if management isn't keeping their windows cleaned then maybe they dont take their customers seriously. In restaurants if the windows (which we can see) are consistently dirty then its likely that other areas of the restaurant (that we can't see) are just as dirty or worse.

With over 1200 commercial properties, restaurants and storefronts we know how to keep your establishment looking its best. We'll be happy to provide you with a sampling of some of our regular customers so that they can tell you why they consistently turn to Appearances Window Cleaning year in and year out.

Power Washing


"A good first appearance on a home can increase the value of a home by as much as 5-10%", says John Aust, President of the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers" Having your home pressure washed can actually increase the value in addition to making it look good. We are able to make decks, siding and driveways look their best.


We clean and sanitize dumpster pads and the surrounding areas to remove oil, grease stains, debris and harmful bacteria. We only use environmentally friendly degreasers along with steaming hot water to achieve these results. In addition to improving the sanitary conditions of dumpster areas, it cuts down on the awful odors that come from dumpsters as well as keeps away pests and rodents that seek out dumpsters for food. Clean dumpster areas also reduce contaminants that get tracked back in to the restaurant after visits to the dumpster.

In addition to dumpster areas, we are also able to effectively clean patios, sidewalks, drivethru pads and entryways. Grease stains, gum and other debris will be removed by our highly trained technicians and cutting edge technology. Ask us about awning cleaning too!


We are proud to recommend Styer Landscaping for your landscaping needs. They are a strong local company, sharing our commitment to community, excellence and integrity. Contact Styer at 804-749-1999.